I Hated The Ending to Toy Story 4; Here's How It Should Have Ended

HUGE SPOILER WARNING: If you have not seen Toy Story 4, please do not keep reading. I can't be responsible for ruining this movie for you...

If you have seen it: I need to be honest. I LOVED the movie, I just hated the ending, and here's why:

When we meet Gabby Gabby, we find out that her voice box is broken and she needs a new one in order to feel useful and grab the attention of Harmony, the girl who comes into the antique shop frequently.

After she finds out that Woody was manufactured around the same time as her, she works to steal Woody's voice box.

Ok, now let's rewind to the very beginning of the movie where we see a scene of Bonnie entering her Kindergarten classroom nervously:

In this scene we are introduced to an unnamed character in Bonnie's elementary school who has a cochlear implant. First of all: HUGE props to Disney/Pixar for including this in their movie!


In the movie, Gabby Gabby gets Woody's voicebox, and after stealing it from him. She gets her chance at Harmony, who ultimately discards her, still finding her useless.

After traveling with the toys, she finds a lost girl at the carnival, who is comforted by her, and she gets her happy ending.


Why did Gabby Gabby need to change to make people happy? I was so ready for a child with a hearing disability or with a cochlear implant to fall in love with her, despite the fact that her voicebox is broken. Disney introduced the idea in the Kindergarten scene, but then let Gabby change to impress a child. That could have been SO incredible, and teach people a message of not focusing on our faults.

Still a great movie but COME ON, I definitely think my ending is better...

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