88-Year Old On A Walk Finds Hockey Puck He Lost As A Boy

Have you ever lost something and I thought...I'm never going to find that. Well, maybe take more walks? An 88 year old man in Duluth, Ray Ulvi while taking a walk in the woods near his home found his old hockey puck he had lost 70 years ago. 70 years ago!

According to Ray, "I seen that round thing in the mud and I thought it was a snuff can." Ray went on to say that he recognized the puck because it had his original initials scribbled on it. When talking to KARE11 Ray stated, “I was flabbergasted,” Ray continued. “How could something like that be sitting right there and I walked up and just about stepped on it after 70 some odd years? It’s unbelievable.”

I wish I was this lucky when finding my old things!

You can check out the full story here: https://www.kare11.com/article/news/88-year-old-on-a-walk-finds-hockey-puck-he-lost-as-a-boy/89-3a48a476-f1f4-43bb-aff1-19e960c630de


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