Local Pie Shop Takes on Anti-Gay Hate: We Can Love God and Be Pro-Pride

Pie & Mighty is a pie bake shop located in Minneapolis, and when they got an email from someone saying that they are unsubscribing from their newsletter because they "assume everyone is pro-pride", they crafted a response more perfect than their baked goods:

We are sorry to see you leave our pie community, but are grateful for you letting us know why. You stated that we carry the “assumption that all people are pro ‘pride.’

Let us be the first to say, we never make that assumption. We are all too aware of how this isn’t true, as we have witnessed friends lose their lives, families and dignity because of people who cannot accept that love is love.

Jesus commanded us to do it. So we do. We love our community, our message, our pies and ourselves. And believe it or not, above all, we love God.

I pray where hope begins (your email address) is in your heart and actions. We wish you well and over blessings to you and those you love and serve,

Rachel & Ratchet Owners, Pie & Mighty

Yes, it is possible to love God and love pride. Thank you Minneapolis pie makers for bringing hope.

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