Bear Halts Leadville Trail Marathon To Cross The Road

Well...if you're a runner, this would get you motivated to try harder. In Colorado, during the Leadville Trail Marathon runners were greeted by a large bear trying to cross the road. Two runners, Quentin Genke and Pete Peterson, said they reached the halfway point between mile 12 and 13 when Genke noticed the bear out of his right eye running along the trail.

“I don’t think [the bear] was interested in running the race,” Genke told Runner's World. “So, I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone quick and yelled, ‘Bear! The Bear itself only appeared for about 20 seconds as it bolted across the street...probably was scared by all the humans around running towards him.

You can check out more of the story here:

I for one hope that never happens to me while I'm running a marathon.

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