Mom Wakes Up Alone And Locked Inside Pitch Black Plane Hours Later

A mom of two woke up alone and locked inside a plane with all its lights turned off hours after taking off on a 90-minute flight.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was on a nearly-empty Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto when she fell asleep across a row. When she woke up, she found the plan had been parked away from the nearest terminal and she was all alone in the pitch black.

She immediately went into a panic attack and realized her cell phone was dead and she could not call for help.

Doing everything in her power to make it through this ordeal, she finally found a flashlight at the front of the plane and followed an instruction manual to unlock the plane's main door.

Noticing the 50-foot drop from the door to the concrete below, she sat with her legs dangling from the plane, shining her flashlight on the plane in what she believed to be the SOS signal. Finally, a man on a luggage cart noticed her and drove her way.

The driver was just as confused as all of us as to how anyone could have possibly left her alone on the plane.

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