VIRAL: "Destroy Your Minnesota Credibility In One Tweet"

Ever had an embarrassing confession about Minnesota that you're ashamed to admit?

You're not alone, except for the whole "ashamed to admit" part, as Minnesotans far and wide are contributing to a Twitter thread asking for their unpopular opinions about the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The free-for-all was started off Friday morning by Twitter user Kevin Gallatin, a member of Highland District Council, who challenged followers to "Destroy your Minnesota credibility in one tweet.

First, I'll share mine......"going to the lake".....ain't THAT great. (Sorry)

The tweet garnered more than 400 responses as of noon on Friday, as Minnesotans came out of the woodwork to confess their Minnesota sins.

Here's a flavor of some of them:

– "I believe that Minnesota is a basketball state."

– "I don't know how to ski or ice skate..."

– "There IS such a thing as bad weather."

– "It's duck duck GOOSE."

To read the rest of the responses and have a good chuckle.....CLICK HERE

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