Is Adele Releasing New Music Today?!'s why it....sadly......just ain't happenin' least not today.

Since when do we get our breaking music news from Yahoo Canada Style, InStyle, Cosmo & E! News?! Oh, that's right, never o'clock.

They're simply looking for clicks by globbing on to a doctored image that was never actually posted on any of Adele's platforms.

AND, here is the ultimate tell for me......

That's the main tell, right there above......there's NOTHING on Adele's Instagram account. It's become a thing to surprise fans with new music, but there would still be signs. Teases of something coming.

NOW, I do think something is's just not going to be today......and I don't think anything is imminent either, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

And, I'll admit.....I hope I'm completely full of crap and that I have to go delete this blog out of embarrassment or update it with "sorry, I was wrong, there IS new music".

Also, if I am wrong.....I'll be among the FIRST to be playing the new music for you!


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