Woman Breaks Into Man's Home To Pet Dogs, Drink Beer, And Wear His Clothes

Upon returning home at 4 a.m. from a night out, one man found a female stranger wearing his clothes.

According to the Daily Mail, the Utah man said he found the woman, who he believes was homeless, staring back at him from the kitchen island in his new clothes he'd just bought from H&M. Apparently when she'd gotten there, she set her shoes neatly by the front door, drank a beer from the fridge, sat on his couch, and petted his dogs.

"She told me she lives here, I said, 'No you don't, this is my place,'" he told Utah's Fox 13. When confronted further, she wouldn't tell him her name and she started laughing.

"I thought she was on drugs," he said.

When the woman finally agreed to leave, she jumped off his balcony and "limped off" before running away. Police caught up with her at a nearby gas station.

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