Shrek Hid The Most Painful Death Right In Front Of You And You Missed It

We've all seen Shrek. We've all loved Shrek.

However, there is one death that you absolutely missed in the movie, and now your day is about to be ruined...

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Remember in the movie when Lord Farquaad has all the fairy tale creatures round up and arrested?

Well, then you remember the three bears from Goldilocks being locked up: Baby Bear, Papa Bear and Mama Bear.

THREE Bears.

Well then you may NOT have noticed that later on when the fairy tale characters are being held in their camp, there are only TWO bears:

Papa Bear and Baby Bear

Well, I hate to ruin your day, but later on in the movie, during a quick scan of Lord Farquaad's home, you see this:

Prepare yourself:

And in case you doubted that the bear may not be Mama Bear:

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