Fans Petition To Make Keanu Reeves Time Magazines Person Of The Year

Keanu Reeves has been on a roll this year. John Wick 3 was a big hit, he made a big entrance at this years E3 conference, he's starring in the upcoming Toy Story 4 and there's been talks of him playing a role in a future Marvel film. He's also been loved by the internet for the last 5 years appearing in memes as well as personal stories from people who he has helped over the years. Needless to say...people love Keanu Reeves. So, it's no surprise that there's now a petition happening in which fans are trying to get Time Magazine to name him Person of the Year.

Yep, that's right. It was launched on last week, and since then, it has been signed by more than 32,000 people. It is quickly gaining its goal of 35,000 signatures! The odds may be slim though for Keanu but there's always chance!


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