Wisconsinite Named "Marijuana Pepsi" Earns Her Ph.D.

A woman with a very different legal name just earned her Ph.D. in higher education leadership.

The Journal Sentinel wrote a follow-up piece on Marijuana Pepsi, who was given that name 46 years ago and she's embraced it ever since. Marijuana just accomplished something pretty incredible: she earned her doctorate in higher education leadership from Cardinal Stritch University in the Milwaukee area.

So now, she'll proudly be referred to as Dr. Marijuana Pepsi.

Marijuana is not only a mother of three, but also a grandmother. She works full time at Beloit College as a director of a program serving first generation enrollees who come from low-income families or have learning or physical disabilities.

She's also a real estate agent and the owner of Action as Empowerment, which runs retreats and workshops for people that want to change their lives.

She says people have always made a big deal out of her name, and teachers even refused to call her Marijuana growing up - instead, suggesting she go by "Mary." Her mother, Maggie, gave her the name Marijuana Pepsi because it would "take her around the world." Her sisters are named Kimberly and Robin.

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