Want to Move? This Irish Island Is Asking Americans To Move There

Okay...we have all thought about taking the plunge and moving to Europe at one point in our lives but it seems now might be your chance. In fact, an Island in Ireland by the name of Arranmore is begging Americans to move to their island, specifically young Americans. Located off the coast of Donegal in Ulster, Ireland...it's as beautiful as you can imagine.

So, what's the catch? Well, the island itself is incredibly secluded...in fact, so secluded that it only has 469 people living there. That's less than most small towns here in Minnesota. So, the residents are looking for some new faces! Adrian Begley, of Arranmore Island Community Council, told CNN, We’re the most connected island in the world...So we wanted to send a letter to the rest of the world to say we’re here, we’re open for business.

The island itself has beaches, large cliff sides, and amazing views. The island also has delicious seafood, boating and more. Sounds tempting, right? If you can do it, now's the perfect time.


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