New Hornets Appearing Across The Globe That Kill in One Sting

Britain is facing an invasion of swarms of deadly Asian hornets that can kill with just one sting.

Fears are mounting the killer insects could be on its way to the UK after large numbers have been spotted on Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Experts say the recent wet weather could send numbers spiralling as the conditions provide the perfect breeding ground for the species.

If a sting victim is allergic to the venom, they could go into anaphylactic shock and die within minutes. 

Alastair Christie, the Channel Island's Asian hornet co-ordinator, said 13 'active nests' have been destroyed already, compared to just 12 nests in the whole of last year. 

And as early as March this year, nests were found in New Alresford and Brockenhurst in Hampshire's New Forest tourist haven, raising fears that picncking families enjoying the summer holidays could be attacked.

They arrived in mainland Europe in 2014 after sneaking into France in a shipment of pottery from China. They have been blamed for the deaths of at least five people. 

They've spread rapidly, and the latest figures from the Channel Islands indicate they now pose a major and increasing threat to the UK.

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