Remember When Minneapolis Had A Nude Beach?

The City of Minneapolis wants you to forget all about Hidden Beach, where not too long ago people went topless.

According to the Hidden Beach Wikipedia page, the beach came to prominence in the 1960s and was once a raunchy place where drug use, nudity, parties, and other crime ran rampant. The beach also had a mud pit on the east side of the beach where beach goers were greeted by a longtime regular known as the "Mud Man;" people jumped in the mud pit and then rinsed off in the lake.

Once upon a time, another regular known as "Kevin" gave out tie dye T-shirts with a lion family-crest type symbol and a black star on each shoulder. It's said that over 12,000 of these shirts were given out, via Wikipedia.

In 1995, residents of the surrounding area called for money from the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan funds to hire off-duty officers to patrol the beach more frequently. In 2011, the mud pit was cleared out.

New amenities have been added over the years by the City to make the beach, now known as Cedar Lake East Beach, more family-friendly. Now recognized as a City beach, it has lifeguards on duty daily. Get more Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board information on the beach here.


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