Radiohead Donates Money To Climate Change Group Instead of Hackers

Once again, Radiohead proves they are one of the best. Get this, The band was hacked recently by a cyber thief who had managed to steal 18 hours worth of unreleased material. The recordings were from the band's 1997 album, OK Computer sessions. The perpetrator was asking for $150K as ransom and he/she would return the audio.

What did Radiohead do? Instead of paying the person...the five band members decided to throw off the hacker’s chance of a payday by making the recordings available for download on the music website Bandcamp. For the next 18 days, anyone can pay about $23 for the trove, with all proceeds going to climate-action group Extinction Rebellion. Probably one of new favorite, we get free music out of the deal.

If you didn't know, OK Computer was the band's third studio album and really put the band on the map. The Bandcamp tracks include demo versions of Exit Music (For A Film) with different lyrics to the originally released track, and an 11-minute version of Paranoid Android— nearly five minutes longer than the original. There are also versions of the later-released I Promise,True Love Waits, and Lift, and whole ton more.

Check it out when you get a chance!


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