Mario Kart Will Be Playable On Your Phone Starting Next Month

Mario Kart Tour, scheduled to launch this summer, has had gamers in a tizzy since it was announced in early 2018. Not only is the franchise one of the best-known racing series in videogames, it’s regarded as the Nintendo title most suitable for smartphones in terms of controls, opportunities to make money off users and features to hook mobile players. 

The app tries to capture the experience of a console with polished graphics, sound and design. Anyone familiar with the series should feel right at home. 

Controls have been simplified for one hand on a mobile screen. Racers move forward automatically, so users just pull the screen left or right to control direction, or tap to deploy items. It’s well-designed and doesn’t get in the way of gameplay. 

Most of the popular characters are featured, including Mario, Luigi, and even Larry Koopa. The courses are inspired by prior Mario Kart games and older players will get a big hit of nostalgia when encountering Boos on the Luigi’s Mansion course, or trains running through Kalimari Desert. 

Super Mario Run, which debuted in 2016, appeared to bore some users after minutes, butMario Kart Tour’s beta version offers more content. Players can unlock roughly 50 courses, 30 drivers, 20 karts and 10 gliders. Each one comes with bonus areas, progression levels and customisation options. 

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