Woman's Doll Purchase Sparks Fear For Her Life

One woman bought an antique doll, and something about it is making people fear for her life.

That something? The fact that it looks creepier than hell.

The Daily Mail shared the story of a woman with the Twitter handle @TheNerdyVixen who purchased the "Abigail" doll from an antique shop in Chicago. She says the doll's face lingered in her mind for months before buying it, and she wanted to rescue it from the cramped case it was kept in.

While some gave support of the doll and even admitted they have their own creepy doll, the general consensus on Twitter is that the Abigail doll is terrifying.

"Move into the church and wash in holy water every day," said one Twitter user.

"I'm not religious but now I would consider getting a priest to exorcise that thing," said another.

"You don't bring that doll home," said one more. "It chose you. It brought you home. It consumed your soul and now you're just doing it's (sic) bidding. I'll wait for the future stories about how you're putting pineapple on your pizza soon."

Read more hilarious (but very valid) replies here.

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