First Cereal Bar Coming to St.Paul! Yep, Cereal!

Well, it's about time! I feel like this should of been a thing a long time ago. Cereal bars have been cropping up all over the country and the world but here in Minnesota...not so much. That's going to change as one is coming to St. Paul fact this Saturday. Treats Cereal Bar and Boba will not only serve cereal but will do it with an ice cream twist. Not only that, but they will be serving up, you guessed it...boba tea.

According to the Pioneer Press, "The shop has a custom-made machine that grinds cereal and ice cream together and shoots it out in a soft swirl into a cup or cone. The result is creamy but with lots of cereal crunch, and quite unlike most ice cream treats. The cones themselves come in wild flavors like matcha, salted blue corn, birthday cake, orange dreamsicle and red velvet. As for the boba tea, every matcha drink is hand whisked to order, and they are using their own tea blends and local Autumnwood milk."

It all sounds so good and I'm for sure bringing the girlfriend. The grand opening party runs from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and will feature a guest DJ and free merchandise and sweet treats for the first 50 customers.

Check out the full story here:

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