Minnesota Shelter Fixes Turtle Shells After They're Hit By Cars

An animal shelter in Minnesota takes in turtles run over by cars and fixes their shells.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota has seen a "nonstop stream of incoming turtles" this season, Fox 9 reports. This time of year, Minnesotans will see an influx of female turtles on their way to nesting spots; many of them get hit by cars.

WRCM says anyone who finds an injured turtle on the side of the road can bring it to the center. Even if the injuries are too severe and beyond repair, they say they'll "humanely euthanize it so it's not baking in the sun."

Officials say you shouldn't put your life at risk to save a turtle. If it's along a busy highway, contact local authorities. They also don't recommend moving the turtle to a "safer area" because it will likely cross more roads to return to its nest.

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