Twin Cities Brewery Will Have Live Baby Goats While You Drink This Weekend

Isnight Brewing will be having goats. Yes, goats.

From their webpage:

"Attention all fans and lovers of goats (and this should be about everyone)!

On June 8th, we are bringing 20 goats (yes, goats) to Insight for all of you to look at, pet, take selfies with, and generally have a good time around.

We’re calling it the Insight Goat to Your Happy Place, and we’re working hard to make sure it is far and away the best goat event you’ve ever attended. One might call it the G.O.A.T.

Bring your friends, bring your family, and lets all pet and hang out with goats, beer in hand of course, in the name of fun. For this very special Goat Event, we’ll be tapping four exclusive goat casks.

– Blackberry Saison (7.8%)

– Double Orange Honey Wheat (5.7%)

– Elderflower Lager (4.7%)

– Triple Ginger Rowdy Uncle (6.0%)

Goats aren’t the only ones who like to eat everything, so we’ll have lots of food on hand for you humans too. Such as:

Foxy Falafelwill have their delicious NYC-style crispy falafels on offer.

Go Bananaswill be covering the desert, with delicious chocolate-dipped treats.

This event is FREE and open to everyone who gets excited about the prospect of a good goat hang."

For the full story and more info click here

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