Rapist Brock Turner Discovered Working for $12/Hour, Living With Parents

This is the Stanford University swimmer whose six-month sentence for raping an unconscious woman sparked widespread outrage.

Turner currently lives with his parents and works an entry-level job at Tark Inc., a factory making cooling technology for medical appliances such as X-ray machines, where he earns about $12 an hour. The company, owned by local businessman Jim McCarthy, declined to comment.

Under the terms of his probation he cannot drink alcohol or go into bars, has been subject to random drug testing and has completed a year-long sex offender management program.

His expensive iWatch - which can cost up to $1,400 for the deluxe models – was the only visible sign of his privileged background.

Turner works in the quality control department of the factory, where colleagues say he barely speaks to anyone and 'keeps his head down' at all times.

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