Experts Warn Parents About Health/Death Risks In New Viral Vacuum Challenge

The challenge has been sweeping the internet, as social media users - from the US and around the world - share videos as they seal themselves in bin bags, by sucking out the air with a vacuum cleaner.

However, experts are concerned that many of the videos posted online feature adults 'vacuum sealing' their children, sitting in bin bags with their heads poking out. 

Despite the hilarious videos online,Yahoo News reports it could be a lead to cerebral hypoxia caused by strangulation as the bag tightens around the neck.

The challenge is believed to have been inspired by vacuum beds, which are popular in the BDSM community.  

A vacuum bed is a frame containing a latex suit, which covers the entire head and body, which participants climb into. 

Air is then removed using a suction pump or vacuum, while the person inside breathes through a tube running into the mouth.  

One posted a gif of someone rolling their eyes, writing:'The BDSM community looking at vacuum challenge videos like...' 

And while many participants in the challenge find the results hilarious, experts have warned that it could lead to fatal consequences. 

Many of the videos see participants tying the bin bags tightly around their neck in order to keep the top of the bag sealed, which could lead to strangulation. 

Though most of the videos involve two or more participants, it also wouldn't be wise to risk the challenge alone, as once trapped in the bag it becomes difficult to move. 

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