Airline Staff Refuses To Clean Crusty Vomit Off Passenger's Seat

A British Airways passenger was forced to sit in vomit for more than 10 hours as he flew on a flight from London to Seattle. 

Dave Gildea, Vice President for a software company in Silicon Valley, shared a photo of his destroyed footrest on May 22 and shared that his horrible experience occurred the day before.

'This was my seat from London to Seattle yesterday, covered in dried in vomit, no offer to move seats, just insinuation from the attendant that I had done it even though it was dried in for days,' he said in the post.

The 38-year-old would eventually share that he had upgraded his seat while at London Heathrow and was assigned the seat.

'I didn't notice anything until about two hours into the British Airways flight when I popped down the foot stool so I could get some sleep and saw the vomit on the seat,' heexplainedto the Sun.

'It was also splashed on the wall behind and the floor below, which I then noticed.'

Gildea was annoyed the cabin crew insinuated that the throw up came from him. 

'He didn't offer a seat change or an apology, so I asked for a blanket to cover it up so I could put my feet down,' the BA Silver Member explained.

'Of course as I slept, I moved around on the blanket so I woke up with dried vomit on my feet. It was pretty disgusting. With the price I paid for the ticket, I was shocked.'

Gildea was disappointed that it took the airline more than two weeks to respond to his issue. 

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