Minnesota Fox Rescue Expanding With Second Shelter

SaveAFox Rescue in Faribault, Minnesota, announced they are opening a second location in Florida.

In an Instagram post, Mikayla Raines explained that she viewed several different properties while meeting with some of the shelter's donors. Thanks to a private donor, she was able to secure a property for the new "SaveAFox South" rescue location.

SaveAFox Rescue in Faribault is at full capacity, so many of the foxes that need help need to be turned away. The idea is that the Florida location will alleviate much of that, plus, a wider variety of fox species can be housed in Florida because of its warmer climate.

The fundraising goal is set at $30,000 to turn the land into property to house the rescue. If you'd like to help SaveAFox Rescue, check out their GoFundMe here.

Learn more about how you can help SaveAFox at saveafox.org.



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