Swedish Company To Deploy Pogo Sticks As E-Scooter Alternative

I’m sure you’ve all seen those electric scooters around here in the Twin Cities...heck, I'm sure for some of you it's how you got to work today. Well, get ready as a new company from Sweden by the name of Cangoroo is set to change up the traditional scooter by deploying pogo sticks. Yes...that's right. No longer would you have to aimlessly sail through on a scooter but now you can bounce your way to work.

According to Cangoroo they plan to launch their pogo sticks in San Francisco, Stockholm, Malmo, and London. No plans on the Twin Cities yet, but if they're popular I would expect to see them sometime in the near future. Cangoroo CEO and co-founder Adam Mikkelsen said, We’ve been following the micro-mobility market and seen the demand. However, we also found that existing players are very generic when it comes to brand loyalty and making a statement and contributing to something beyond taking you from point A to B” So I guess that sort of explains the pogo stick idea...

What do you think of this idea? Would you hop your way downtown?


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