Jimmy John's Rolls Out Their Own "Sandwich Wine"

Jimmy John's is trying to make "Sandwich Wine" happen, and I'm all for it.

According to Best Products, the sandwich shop now sells Vin de Sandwich via Wine.com to complement its new Frenchie sandwich. If you haven't seen ads for it yet, you'll probably start seeing the one below.

The label on the 2017 California Pinot Noir bottle reads, "Our story begins with a dream. A dream about a sandwich, inspired by the flavors and cultures of France. A Sandwich we now call The Frenchie. And this wine was made to go with it."

The Frenchie is a baguette-style sandwich with capicola, salami, provolone, and salted butter. Its wine counterpart goes for $29.99 on Wine.com.

Because I know you were wondering, YES, you need to swirl and sniff the Frenchie sandwich before every bite.

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