Wisconsin Sister Believes Cannabis Is A "Gift From God"

A self-ordained order of nuns who believe cannabis is a "gift from God" started their own mini weed empire in California.

According to Ranker, 58-year-old Sister Kate moved to California from Wisconsin in 2009, where she and her brother started a marijuana collective that specialized in strains that could provide health benefits without smoking. After working with other women at the collective, she decided to create her own order.

The Sisters of the Valley obviously are not Catholic, nor are they some offshoot religion that acknowledges Catholic ideals and practices. Rather, they consider themselves Beguine revivalists, which "reach back to pre-Christian practices."

The Sisters manufacture products rich with CBD derived from marijuana because they believe MJ is "truly God's gift." The products do not contain THC, however. Their goal is to share the "healing power of cannabis" with the world.

Read more here, and check out their products here.

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