Cities Artist Blue October Releases Documentary Trailer

I've been lucky enough to gain Justin Furstenfeld as a friend in my life. He's as kind, loyal, thoughtful and caring as any person I know. I think this documentary is going to show, that person (who he really is), got lost for awhile. And was almost lost permanently.

I applaud the band, meaning all the members as well as the team around them, for wanting to tell this story and NOT pulling any punches.

And I'm especially proud of Justin for being willing to put himself at the center of it all.

Check out this trailer.....please share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook and PLEASE share this trailer. Mental illness and addiction is, obviously, very serious issues and growing in our world. Let's use the power of music to spread the word, that there is help.

And this pic below.....I don't share it to be some show, "oh hey look at me, they shared a pic of me on their Instagram"........that's utterly silly. I share it because it further displays what kind of person Justin is. If you can't root for this band and this man, I'm not sure what you can root for.

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