Stillwater Boy With Cancer Becomes Star Of His Own Action Movie

When 6-year-old Wyatt Crosser dreams he dreams big, and thanks to his active imagination he's now the star of his own action movie.

The Stillwater boy is battling a stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, and is undergoing his latest bout of chemotherapy at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

Among other things, Wyatt is a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this month his dream came true when he was involved in the filming his own live action music video alongside his half-shell heroes.

It was made possible by the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, which sponsored Boston-based director and musician James Orrigo to make the trip to Minnesota to help Wyatt become a star.

Soundtracked by a song written by Wyatt himself, Orrigo, Wyatt and a cast of student co-stars filmed the action movie, "Wyatt Saves the World," at the Stillwater Area High School on May 17.

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