Pet Owners Warned To Avoid This $5 Dog Toy For Risk of Canine Death

Pet owners have been warned to avoid a $5 toy sold at Kmart after two separate incidents of dogs requiring surgery to dislodge broken pieces in their stomachs.

The Wilston Vet clinic in Brisbane treated two dogs after broken pieces of the rubber chew toy became lodged in their upper intestines.

The vet has contacted Kmart directly pleading with the retailer to remove the $5 Two Handled Tug Pet Toy from shelves to avoid any further incidents.

n the meantime, they are reaching out to consumers and urging them not to purchase the product, or to throw it in the bin if they've already got one at home.

'The dogs, who were unrelated and unbeknownst to each other, came in on consecutive days to a local emergency centre,' the vet shared on a Facebook post.

'They were both vomiting, not eating and very sick with an obstructed gastrointestinal tract.'  

'Both had a foreign body lodged in their upper intestine. Both required major abdominal surgery to remove the obstruction.'

'In both cases it was a $5 K-MART dog chew toy.'

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