My Review Of #AvengersEndgame - Serious, Sarcastic & Silly - SPOILERS

We finally saw it. Daytime date nights have become a regular thing for me and me wifey. So we caught the, now customary, 12:30 showing. First, I have to say it......3 hour is a LONG movie. Don't worry, I GET IT! It's not like they were wasting time with frivolous, unnecessary content and story. But, that doesn't take away from the fact that 3 hours is, indeed, a long flick.

So many thoughts came to mind before, during and after this of them is this......this isn't just some "summer popcorn flick" comic book saga.......I'm guessing you know that. This is closer to a "film". There's so much complexity to each storyline. I'm really impressed. That said, I'm not as sucked in as many. I've been welcomed to the "MCU family" and etc. I'm not THAT into it. And that isn't meant as a slam to anyone who is. I actually have a theory for why I'm not as into it and it has to do with how fast we got "caught up"......I expand on it a bit here in a previous post

All that said, when Captain America picked up Thor's hammer.......I definitely "boom, there ya go" out loud. Hahaha. The one time I about lost it was the time I was supposed to lose it. When Potts told Tony he could "rest now". I loved that storyline, Tony and his daughter and the sacrifice he made, especially after saying it was something he said he wasn't willing to do. He had everything he wanted in life, but he sacrificed it all anyway. The very EPITOME of sacrifice. I loved that so much.

Overall, I think this series is pretty amazing. I think they handled putting finishing touches on everything very well. EXCEPT Black Widow. They have this massive goodbye to Iron Man and we don't hear or see from Natasha again after she sacrifices herself?!? Except that, they did an awesome job. I think Endgame was my favorite of the "main 4". It was tidy and orderly.......and purposeful. For example, I felt Infinity War was a bit TOO much. SO much going on and bouncing around, I was almost fatigued after watching it. So kudos on the conclusion of this HUGE series of films.

Below are stream of consciousness thoughts I posted to Instagram during and after Endgame. Some silliness in there that I think you'll like.

Officially rating.....all the thumbs up.

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