Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982

I think we have all lost a pet at some point in our lives but this is crazy. Back in 1982, the Almeida family lost their pet tortoise, Manuela. The family, who were going through renovations at the time assumed the pet had slipped outside never to be heard from again till now. The tortoise, who has been missing for over 30 years was found. Crazy, right?

According to family, " After their father Leonel passed away, the Almeida children returned to help clean out his cluttered storage room upstairs. Leonel was somewhat of a hoarder, so the room was jam-packed with things that he had found on the street, like broken televisions and furniture...But while making a trip to the dumpster with a box of broken records, a neighbor asked if they were intending to throw out the tortoise that was holed up inside."

That's when the family realized their beloved tortoise was not lost but had been surviving for three decades. The suspects that the pet was able to survive due to termites which would of been in abundance due to their father being a hoarder.

Luckily tortoises are pretty adaptable and can live for decades.

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