Cars Parked Overnight Get WILD Note From Restaurant THANKING Them For It

A restaurant is thanking customers for leaving their cars parked there overnight instead of getting on the road after consuming alcohol (via simplemost).

One woman's friend received this note from The Union Bar in Gering, Nebraska, after leaving his car parked at the restaurant overnight. The letter, signed by bar owners Scott and Carla Swanson, reads the following:

"Just wanted to thank you for leaving your car parked overnight. I'm not sure if you consumed alcohol at our restaurant or not, but we want to thank you for not drinking and driving. Bring this letter to the bar and we will give you a Hamburger and French Fries. Please accept this as a thank you for being responsible. Life is valuable, have a great day."

The letter was issued in 2018, but it still serves as a reminder anytime not to drink and drive.

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