Burger King Paying Off Customer's Student Loan Debt for New Promotion

All hail the king! As part of a new promotional campaign, Burger King of all places will pay off some customer's student loan debt, but of course...there's a catch. According to Burger King, "Anyone hoping to lighten their monthly bills can become eligible by making a purchase off of the company’s mobile app. Once they do that, they’ll have to enter their monthly student loan payment amount. Burger King will then randomly choose winners and pay off up to $250,000 in student loans."

Burger King, posted a video on their Facebook page, which you can check out below. The video, shows the king mascot using a flame thrower on a trash can, with the caption, “For real tho, we’re trying to pay off those loans. Introducing Whopper Loans – make a purchase through the BK app for a chance to have your student loans paid off.” Yes...that does sound enticing. The contest has already started and will go through June 6th and Burger King will give away 250K to help pay off those loans.



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