Mom DITCHES Baby With Strangers at Bar After Getting KICKED OUT Of Another

A Mankato woman has been charged with child neglect after she allegedly left her baby unattended with strangers at New Hope Cinema Grill, after she was kicked out of another bar.

According to the criminal complaint (via Bring Me The News), police were called Sunday on a report of an "extremely intoxicated woman who had left her baby unattended at the bar." When they arrived on the scene, police found bar staff taking care of the 6-month-old baby, even changing a "very full diaper" and feeding it a bottle that was in the woman's diaper bag.

The bar refused to serve the woman any alcohol after she arrived from a different bar, which she was kicked out of "due to her intoxication." She was reportedly "passing her baby around" to other patrons who'd been drinking, and got up and left while her baby was still at the bar.

Bring Me The News says it's not clear whether the woman left completely or just moved to a different part of the bar. Regardless, she is accused of leaving her baby and that's just not OK.

Upon her arrest, the woman admitted she was drunk and allowed strangers to take her baby. She also told police she'd gone to alcohol treatment previously.

The baby went into the care of a family member called to the scene.

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Photo: Google Street View via Bring Me The News


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