New Minnesotan, Plant-Based Smoothie Bowls Arrive in White Bear Lake

After kicking off their company by selling animal-friendly clothing, they now offer the most incredible, beautiful smoothie bowls too!

From their website:

PLNT BSD began as a unique apparel line that spreads a positive message about a plant-based lifestyle and diet, and we still continue to invoke that message to this day.

Our love for animals and healthy, plant-based food, inspired us to open PLNT BSD, Plant-Based Bowls. 

We offer smoothie bowls and kombucha at our cart, being mostly based out of Downtown White Bear Lake. 

Healthy food and our love for animals has always been our passion, and we are honored to share this passion with you! 

We believe that PLNT BSD as a whole, will help spread the word and start a conversation about the benefits of a plant based diet. Not only is a plant based diet and lifestyle good for you, it's also beneficial to the environment and animals alike. 


For more information and to find PLNT BSD click here

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