Paul Fletcher Surprises A Cities Listener At His Grad Party & It's Epic

I wouldn't just pack up the kids and drive over 2 hours, stay for an hour, and then pack up the kids and drive them over 2 hours again for just anyone......

Matt Lindbo is someone to do that for though.......

He's done countless hours of volunteer work, namely with the Ronald McDonald House who I also love to support......

He's like the greatest Boy Scout in here, you'll see what I mean.....he's every Scout badge possible!

He's the kind of kid and the kind of guy that reminds you that there's a lot of good in this world.

Also, he and his Mom have made the same drive to come visit me at the State Fair for the last 3-4-5 years, I've lost track.

It was time to repay that and drive to see him......but it had to be a surprise! Surprises are just more fun!

Check out these videos, I think they'll brighten your day, at least I hope they do.

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