Millennial's & Gen Z Increasingly "Pessimistic" According To New Survey

I honestly don't know if this true for you but it is kind of interesting. According to a new survey conducted by Deloitte. They have released their global millennial survey. In the survey, it surveyed over 13,000 thousand millennial's (born 1983-1994) with over 42 countries and a little over 3,000 Gen Z respondents.

According to the survey, "Generally, only about half of both groups aspire to purchase a home, and even fewer desire to start a family. ``Instead, travel and seeing the world was at the top of the list (57%) of aspirations,'' Which, is way different than my baby boomer parents. The survey also stated, "Only 52% of the Millennial's surveyed responded that earning a high salary was a top priority while 56% of their Gen Z peers did so. And 39% of the Millennial's saw starting a family as very important, while 45% of the younger cohort agreed."

In my personal opinion, I don't think it's a bad way of's just a different way of thinking compared to our baby boomer counterparts.

If you're interested in reading the can check out the article here:

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