Shakopee Apartment Complex Posts Notice That Kids Can't Play Outside

Where should we start!?

Well, first watch the story......

So, let me get this who live in apartment complexes shouldn't be outside playing? Yes. That is correct. Stick them inside, given them a tablet and keep them quiet.

This is all stream of consciousness.......and I have so many thoughts right now that I don't even know where to begin.

This probably came from ONE lousy person, complaining about noise.......well, let me tell you ONE person or TWO people that complained....sorry to break this to you, but those children are more important than you. They just are, cuz they're kids. They should be outside playing, making noise, getting dirty.

As for the apartment complex, y'all should get smarter. You're worried about damage to landscaping or grass?! Really? It'll grow back. Their childhood won't. As for damage to a window? Accidents happen. Get insurance. As for damage elsewhere, I'm quite certain the BRICK WALLS can handle it.

This is just an asinine argument to begin with. Tells me there are a lot of ignorant people in our community that don't have the intelligence to think things through and make good decisions. I don't know if I'm more sad or angry, hopefully they realize just how dumb this is.......I know they took the notice down, now take the time to consider these actions and do the right thing.

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