Minnesota Spa Gives 24K Gold Breast Facials and "Bump" Facials

An upscale spa in Rochester gives "breast facials" and "bump facials," and I have so many questions.

Luxe Beauty Bar has a variety of services, including major branded services like HydraFacial (which is amazing, btw). But they also have services dubbed the "Luxe Breacial" and the "Bump Facial."

Luxe's Bump Facial is pretty self explanatory, but here's what their website says the $149 Luxe Breacial entails:

A Luxe Breacial includes a deep cleansing breast massage to encourage the secretion of prolactin, lymphatic drainage which releases toxins that are replaced by nutrient cells which can lead to healthier tissue and a larger firmer appearance. We finalize the service with a 24K Gold Collagen Mask that facilitates the penetration of natural breast enhancing extracts, Growth-modulating peptide, Human Epidural Growth Factor, and Marine elastin deep into the breast skin. The active ingredient 'Butea Superba' acts as a firming agent, adding nourishment to cellular structure and injecting vital nutrients into breasts for vigor and lift. It mimics the effects of estrogen. Breasts are toned quickly resulting in increased volume and oomph. Provides added suppleness, shape, that make breasts look fuller and more voluminous, effectively reversing the natural aging process and the resultant sagging.

They say the Breacial is perfect for women who want to improve firmness and may be experiencing menopause or internal estrogen loss, or have just had a breast augmentation.

Honestly...to each their own, but I don't strangers touching my chest and painting gold on them. Just sounds weird and uncomfortable to me. Would you ever try the "Breacial?"

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