10.7 Million People Will Skip Work After The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

I share your face Peter Dinklage, I share your face of surprise.....

I share his look of shock because I simply don't buy this, AT ALL.......

This Sunday is the big"Game of Thrones"series finale . . . and Monday is a federal holiday. Not really, but don't be surprised if you're short-handed at work.
Because according to a new poll, 10.7 MILLION people are gonna skip work, either by calling in sick or using a last-minute vacation day.
But the big question remains: Will those who watch Sunday's finale be satisfied . . . or OUTRAGED? 
The petition to redo Season 8 with COMPETENT WRITERS passed 700,000 signatures last night . . . and now they're shooting for a MILLION.


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