Local Thieves Steal Popcorn Machine From Minnesota Girl's Lemonade Stand

A Minnesota grandfather is speaking out after someone stole his granddaughter's popcorn machine from the curb of his home in Moorhead.

Dan Huotari said his granddaughter, Harper, was giving out lemonade and popcorn with a friend earlier this month. 

When they took a quick break in the backyard, Huotari heard what he said was a loud car driving by. He had just installed a security camera, but it was unable to capture the car. 

Huotari says it could have been a mistake, but he doesn't think so, considering the machine was full of popcorn and was plugged into an extension cord. 

Now, he's on the hunt for a new popcorn machine and is just happy Harper's brand new bike that was sitting next to the stand, wasn't taken too.

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