Three New LaCroix Flavors FINALLY Arrive In The Twin Cities

La Croix has chosen Miami for their inspiration for the three new flavors of LaCroix, and after testing them in Florida, they've finally arrived here in the Twin Cities! Let me introduce you to:

Coconut Cola

Coffea Exotica (Coffee Cola)

Cubana (Mojito: Rum, Mint & Lime)

Personally, I found these at the HyVee in Plymouth, but reports are that they are popping up all over the place!

"LaCroix has launched two new themes that ‘highlight’ the lively, exotic Miami personality. This riveting culture combines Cuban, Hispanic and South American influences on the social ambiance now affecting all aspects of lifestyles. We are elated that Miami was chosen to launch Cubana, Coffea Exotica and Coconut Cola to such a passionate LaCroix consumer and wow them with this launch. Consumers, retailers and the ‘street scene’ responses have awakened the Miami ‘scent’ with these LaCroix innovations in such an ooh na na ‘sparkling way’.

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