Minnesota Accent Is SEXIER Than You Think, Says America

Minnesota pretty much bombed in the sexy department, but it definitely could've been worse.

The Daily Mail shared results of a recent survey that revealed the sexiest and least sexy accents in the United States. Minnesota accents were SO unsexy that they only beat one accent...New Jersey.

Survey respondents thought the sexiest accents were Bostonian, New Yorker, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Mississippi, California, and Chicago.

Other least-sexy accents were Alaskan, Southern Ohioan, Floridian, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Appalachian.

Neutral accents that landed in the middle and could maybe pass for sexy, maybe pass for unsexy, include Colorado, Providence, Tallahassee, Ozark, and San Franciscan. The "standard American accent" was also neutral, ranking at number 32 out of 50.

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