Burger King Delivering Burgers While You Sit In Traffic In These Cities

Have you ever sat in traffic and wondered...I could really use a nice meal right now. Well, apparently...you're not the only one and Burger King knows it. The Popular burger chain is doing something that I wished a fast food restaurant would of done a long time ago. They're delivering food to you while you sit in traffic...yes..believe it. With the help of We Believers advertising agency, the burger giant created a campaign that actually brought the "Traffic Jam Whopper" to life in Mexico City, Mexico.

According to Adweek, "new delivery platform worked to bring BK food to drivers in gridlocked traffic within a three kilometer radius of a Burger King restaurant. To make that happen, real-time data was used to determine which areas were most heavily congested, then Waze banners and digital billboards alerted customers when they could order through the Burger King app. They went on to say, "After the driver's order was placed (using hands-free voice commands, of course), they'd get updates to their phone to let them know when their food was approaching. Burger King couriers on motorcycles used Google Maps technology to track the customer's location and speed, which allowed them to actually deliver them their meals." Sound like a good system to me!

Since it was such a big success in Mexico City, Burger King is set to continue the trend in future cities such as Los Angeles, Shanghai, and São Paulo. I vote for Minneapolis-St.Paul as the next city...please?


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