Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018

I like most of these names.....not all......I think names are HUGE......we took naming our daughters VERY seriously and, with that, I'm stoked to see neither of our names in the top 10. :)

For the record, our oldest is: Elsie Amelia and our youngest is: Evan Noelle.

This list comes from the Social Security Administration......most popular baby names in the last year in the United States.......

Most popular names for boys

1. Liam

2. Noah

3. William

4. James

5. Oliver

6. Benjamin

7. Elijah

8. Lucas

9. Mason

10. Logan

Most popular names for girls

1. Emma

2. Olivia

3. Ava

4. Isabella

5. Sophia

6. Charlotte

7. Mia

8. Amelia

9. Harper

10. Evelyn

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