New Study Found 73% of Musicians Suffer From Mental Illness

According to a new study conducted by Record Union. They found that 73% of musicians suffer from a mental illness. According to the study which was conducted online stated, " Among those aged 18-25, the numbers are even worse, with 80% of respondents in that age range having experienced negative mental health effects stemming from their music careers."

The study went on to say that it's more then just depressions and anxiety, "33% of those surveyed had experienced panic attacks, while 57% said they worry about their mental health and well-being and 41% said they worry about it multiple times a day. Factors contributing to the symptoms include fear of failure, financial instability, and being evaluated by others..."

Very Interesting and concerning numbers. Since the survey was conducted on April 30th, Record Union has donated 30K to projects supporting struggling artists.


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