Minneapolis Brewery Hosting Golden Girls Pub Crawl This Weekend

Fans of the Golden Girls will be THRILLED to be a part of the record breaking event right here in the Twin Cities.

From the event page:

Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and Dorothy. The gang is all here and we are back for 2019!

Join other Golden Girls fans as we pay tribute to the best foursome in television history.

Dress up as your favorite Golden Girls character and go bar-to-bar celebrating their legacy. We will kick-off the event at the Pourhouse, where we will attempt to make the Guiness Book World Record for having the most people dressed as Golden Girls under one roof. After that, we will split into four teams (Dorothy, Rose, Blanch, and Sophia) and hit Minneapolis bars.

Pick a team (you do not have to dress up as that character, make sure everyone from your team is in that party) and you'll get a bar schedule for the day.

Bar Crawl: 10:30 AM (Golden Girl's are early birds) to 4:30 PM

There will be surprises at each venue!We are planning Golden Girls piano singalongs, Golden Girls drag performances, trivia, and dance parties. You'll be entertained by some of the city's top DJ's and performers.

We will release more information as we get closer. The entire bar crawl is 21+

For more information and tickets click here

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