May Snowstorm Breaks 117-Year Old Record

We are well into Spring and it seems we are not quite done with the snow. Snow fell through Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Duluth, Minnesota. Snowflakes even managed to fall in parts of Minneapolis. Crazy right? Get this Though. Duluth got slammed with 10.9 inches of snow!

According to the National Weather Service, "The 10.9 inches set the all-time record for most snow on a single day in the month of May. The previous record was 5.5 inches, set on May 10, 1902. The burst of May snow also shattered the record for the snowiest month of May ever in Duluth, eclipsing the previous record of 8.1 total inches of snow set in May of 1954. It was also the snowiest May 8 in Duluth history as the more than 10 inches of snow doubled the previous record for the day set way back in 1924. Record-keeping began in 1884."

Kind of crazy? Hopefully this is the last of it for a little while so we can finally enjoy some warmth and sun!


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