Is It Time To Consider P!nk A True Icon?

Now that some time has passed since, yet another, very memorable, Pink concert.......there's been time to take it all in and something hit me.

Pink is on her way to being a legend. It is time to consider her a true Icon in the world.

I think for a LONG time, Pink was always a "back seat Diva" (I just made that up). I feel she's always been a second fiddle to whoever was the "it" thing of the time. Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears. Even Avril Lavigne at one point. More recently, Katy Perry. Taylor Swift.

But it's time to start thinking of her as the first fiddle (I also just made that up) and there are many reasons for that. (maybe you already think of her that an "A lister").

Pink is a true original......hell ain't no-budday else doing this......

The work she puts in to be able to fly & climb around a room while putting on a show is so impressive. She trains her butt off, not only to stay in shape and have that bad ass body, but also to be able to control her breathing and deliver good, if not great, vocals while in......well......very interesting positions and situations. Her show is so unique. Part cirque du soleil, part pop show, part rock-n-roll show.

I mentioned the flying around. The dancing, she and her dancers, are legit. She's actually's sad to say that, but this day and age unfortunately it's a distinction that has to be made and it puts above most others. When she's not singing, she has 3 incredible backup vocalists. Oh and there's the full band. I'm sure there are some accessory sounds that are piped in, but most everything is organically created right there on stage (another distinction that sadly needs to be made as many artists incorporate pro-tools and backing vocal tracks).

And sometimes she isn't flying all over the place.....sometimes she just stands there or sits down on a stool and sings her lungs near or at an Adele level vocal. Oh and by the way, unlike many of her counterparts, she's singing HER songs. This carries a LOT of weight with me. It's only thing to learn a choreographed show and be able to sing well, it's a WHOLE other animal to write those songs, open up a part of you and share with the world on top of singing them flawlessly.

She's also an advocate for women, children and those less fortunate (among others, I'm sure).

And she does all this without being preachy.

Perhaps the biggest reason Pink should be considered an Icon and will be a's her character. She is a POWER Mom. I call her the Warrior Queen cuz to me that's just what she is.

She doesn't just teach her children, she's so powerful and impactful, and because of her platform, she stretches far beyond just her children and her family. She grounds me and teaches me on weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

Here is the best example of just how incredible she is.

And here's a clip of how she has started using that speech in her shows, it's a tear-jerker for sure.

Alright, in summary, Pink:

Writes her own music, incredible voice, unequaled live shows, impactful advocate, powerful Mother and she does ALL of this her own way, by her rules.

Pink IS the definition of authentic. I'm so glad this (me) alt-rock leaning kid gave "some pop singer" (her) a shot because I unexpectedly stumbled on one of the true greats of our time.

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